Art Lives: Celebrating Artists Lost to AIDS

Art Lives is a groundbreaking celebration of the creative legacies of artists from all fields of artistic expression whose lives were lost to AIDS. Art Lives is designed to identify, display and promote the work of exceptional, even if unknown, artists whose lives and work were cut short by HIV/AIDS and to help call attention to important initiatives in the on-going fight against HIV/AIDS – some thirty years after the first HIV test was made commercially available.  Working with DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), LifeBeat (Music Fights AIDS) and Visual AIDS, Art Lives begins with the works of seven exceptional artists in expressive forms ranging from architecture to painting, fashion design to performance, and graphics to textile arts, including:

  • Early footage and audio recordings of disco icon, Sylvester
  • Paintings by pioneering record executive and “Godfather of Disco,” Mel Cheren
  • Original sketches and fabrications by acclaimed fashion designer, Patrick Kelly
  • Paintings by influential Lower East Side artist, Martin Wong
  • Paintings by East Village art critic, curator and painter, Nicolas Moufarrege
  • Designs and personal sketches by architect and department store designer, Jim Terrell
  • Graphics, including the famously known “Just Say No” to drugs logo, by Ken Kendrick

See the portfolios of these artists in Art Lives.

The Art Lives Ribbon is inspired by Patrick Kelly’s fashion design – Heart Strings Dress – found in his portfolios.