Art Lives – Positive Press, Acclaimed Initiative

The groundbreaking POBA project, Art Lives, garnered strong and positive response from the online and print media.  More than a dozen articles as well as countless Facebook and Twitter blasts spread the word, both about the diverse talents of inaugural artists featured in Art Lives and the significance of reclaiming the creative legacies of artists’ work created in the pre-digital era before it is too late. From major publications like the Huffington Post, Slate, Quartz and DuJour to industry-targeted publications like WWD and MR Magazine, and others,  the media also captured POBA’s collaboration with key arts-related organizations – DIFFA, LifeBeat and Visual AIDS – to bring these artists’ work forward and to promote AIDS awareness as well, since AIDS is not over. Many articles also recognized that the launch of Art Lives on December 1 is only the beginning, and encouraged the public to remember artists lost to AIDS for recognition and display in Art Lives. Read more.