Art On Your Own Terms

Undiscovered masters of art can be found anywhere – in our families, in our communities, and even in our own creations. Art is a highly personal and subjective experience, and our pleasure is entirely dependent on our direct experience, not on what experts tell us has greatness, value, uniqueness or other special qualities. Experts are useful arbiters of contemporary views on art and can tell us whether the art we love is innovative, valuable, or authentic. But no one can tell us whether it is art. For if art does anything – regardless of the form or medium – it makes us feel. So it is our own feelings and response to the works we love that tell us “this is art.” In a recent post on, POBA explores how we each can find our undiscovered masters, and how one POBA artist – Norman Mailer – epitomizes an “undiscovered master.” For while Mailer is widely known for his writings, he was unknown for his line drawings, those Picasso-inspired “doodles” he created which to him were trifles but to POBA capture the essential elements of art: imaginative, creative works meant to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power. Read more about seeing undiscovered masters in your life on