Black History Month: Of History & Hearts

During Black History Month POBA highlights the history and bounty of the artistic contributions of African-Americans in microcosm through memorable images of African-Americans and Africans found in the works of other POBA artists. During Black History Month 2017, POBA will feature these artists and works so that the skill, talent, vision and passion in these works are available for all to enjoy. To start, we bring a few artists from a diverse range of creative fields to your attention:

  • Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, a renowned multi-media artist and community activist from Ohio
  • Patrick Kelly, an acclaimed fashion designer who died of AIDS in the 1980s
  • Elijah Pierce, a lifelong woodcarver and late-in-life preacher whose works in wood pierce the spirit

More will follow. These will include the additional African-American artists featured on POBA as well as works that capture African-Americans in work, relationships, performing, service, faith, struggle and so many other aspects of day-to-day life as seen in the many other collections of artists on POBA. It is a rich legacy POBA has been given to share with you.