This November, #CelebrateOhioArts, POBA and Ohio Museums Association bring Ohio museums and artists to an expanded audience in an exciting, month-long campaign. Through #CelebrateOhioArts all participating Ohio museums and cultural institutions will be able to share and benefit from a terrific social media and traditional PR campaign to highlight, display and promote the cultural richness and diversity of Ohio to Ohioans and a wide national audience. Created specifically for Ohio in partnership with POBA, Where the Arts Live, #CelebrateOhioArts is an outgrowth of POBA’s longstanding partnership with the Ohio Arts Council, also co-supporting this campaign.

#CelebrateOhioArts will offer each participating institution comprehensive social media and online promotions as well as PR support for their submissions to this program. Participating museums will also have 1-3 artists represented in their collections.

  • Featured in blog posts and on social media by OMA, POBA, and participating museums
  • Featured in online display through POBA that will last well beyond the month of November. POBA will promote these displays to bring continued attention to Ohio’s great heritage.

Starting today, November 1, #CelebrateOhioArts will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and traditional media to share, post and bring greater recognition to Ohio artists and arts organizations.