Community, and the Business of Art

“A community united by the ideals of compassion and creativity has incredible power.”

– Martin O’Malley


In addition to memorializing the creative legacies of those who have passed, POBA seeks to build community among those who connect through one universal catalyst: art.

The POBA community has expanded over the years, and so has our reach. Community comes from knowing that other people with similar passions and ways of thinking invest in making you successful, and in developing a deeper knowledge of who we are and what we do on a daily basis.

Recently we heard from a POBA follower who reached out on behalf of her digital arts program for students, Composite Gallery. She shared that her developing artists were pleased to find benefit in one of our POBA Tips entitled Artist Resources: Tools To Make A Living And Share Your Art.

And then she shared a resource that her students thought POBA followers might appreciate, The Art Side of Life podcast. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge of ways to make money as an artist or improve your art skills, artist and creative entrepreneur Iva Mikles shares insights on how to ‘do more of what makes you happy.’

Artists no doubt generate brilliant work, but what happens when it is time to get organized on the business side of things? Another young art entrepreneur from Composite Gallery suggested Ignite Spot Accounting as a place to find helpful tips on the bookkeeping process.  Tasks for artists start with daily bookkeeping and progress to weekly, monthly, and annual strategies that help to make these tasks more efficient so you can concentrate on your creativity and still afford to eat!

We love our community contributors, and their insights and inspiration. Do you have helpful resources you think would be helpful to art heirs and collectors or working artists within the POBA community? Send them our way!