Creative Futures: Building Art Value

You’ve been staring at the art in your possession for years, wondering what it’s worth, how to store and preserve it properly, whether you have rights that need protection, and perhaps (if you’re a relative or champion of the artist) how to elevate and ensure the artist’s legacy or a collection.

That’s why Creative Futures, launched this month, will be a regular feature of POBA | Where the Arts Live. Creative Futures is a monthly round-up of the best resources, insights, and tools for artists, collectors, and artist estates by POBA. Creative Futures will address a different major issue with each feature. It could be about a future for legacy artists or a future for creative works that need to be cataloged, appraised, preserved, displayed, and more.

This month we feature ways to determine and keep the value of the creative works you have and offer our first three resources:

Valuation: You’ve always wondered what something was worth. Jane H. Willis, the former President of the Appraisers Association of America, presents a primer on finding and maintaining the market value of artistic works.

Storage: You need to store your art in a way that preserves its value and condition. This short video, How To Store Your Art, by Glenn Wharton, a POBA expert, NYU Professor and AIC member, gives you the basics.

Pricing Art: For the working artist, one of the most common questions is how to price original art strategically and with the market. POBA’s partner, the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists has provided an excerpt about pricing from a larger webinar entitled Expanding Sales Opportunities.

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Stay tuned each month as POBA brings you the best curated information from POBA, its partner organizations and the broader arts community.