Creative Futures: If Disaster Hits

The tragedy currently unfolding in Houston and the Gulf area led us to revise our recently posted Creative Futures. We want to stand with our neighbors in Texas during this terrible disaster and acknowledge the unquestionable priority of saving lives over any objects. At the same time, we want to offer tools and ideas for recovering those items that form our life history, our shared memories, and our treasured works.

The devastating floods in Houston and the Gulf area and recent wild fires in Oregon and Utah are reminders to think about not only emergency plans for you and your loved ones, but also about  protecting your important and valuable items, including creative works – or reviewing the safeguards you already have in place  – whether it’s work you created, inherited or collected.

Creative Futures, is a round-up of the best resources, insights, and wisdom for artists, collectors, and artist estates by POBA.

This month we feature ways to prepare for natural disasters and threats to your collection/s as well as apply for relief when the unthinkable happens:

And if disaster does affect your art works:

General Tips

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