Creative Futures: To Keep Track

Whether you created, inherited or collected them, you’ve been trying to figure out how to keep track of your art works for a while, wondering what they’re worth, how to store and preserve them properly, whether you have rights that need protection, and how to elevate and ensure this legacy or collection can be enjoyed now and in the future.

Creative Futures, a regular feature of POBA | Where the Arts Live, is a monthly round-up of the best resources, insights, and wisdom for artists, collectors, and artist estates by POBA.

This month we feature ways to know and keep track of what you have in your collection:

Why Inventory? Knowing what you have is the first step in making sure you can use it, exhibit it, insure it, and protect it properly. POBA presents a video primer of Professor Glenn Wharton sharing simple, effective approaches to managing your art collection.

To Cloud or Not To Cloud – Artists often have to decide between spending time and money on creating works and organizing them, and actual inventory software can be a factor. This artist’s review lays out some trade-offs.

When Labels Count – Clear, simple identification helps to maintain inventory control and track item location. POBA partner FAIC offers these useful labeling suggestions to keep you on top.

A Full Guide – Workbooks can make the documentation process easier by offering step-by-step guidance to anyone documenting and archiving their collection. Read Joan Mitchell Foundation’s helpful guide.

General Tips – Read POBA’s basic and practical tips to get you started – or help at any point – in managing a creative legacy in any medium. If DIY is not for you, POBA can help.

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