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POBA is Where The Arts Live!

Our name is more than our message, it is our mission – to keep creative legacies alive.

POBA brings the work of exceptional artists who were not fully recognized during their lifetime to the public, often for the first time or in a different medium than they might have been known, through great displays and promotion of these artists’ works. POBA also provides tangible help to families, estates, non-profit organizations, working artists and other individuals who are responsible for keeping creative legacies alive.

POBA can do this because we have friends and supporters like you. We are a non-profit, and your tax-deductible contribution to POBA, Where the Arts Live supports our work and makes it possible for others to get the help they need to share their creative legacies. You can make your gift as a tribute in honor or memory of a POBA artist or anyone who make you feel creative or alive!

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