Exhibits are featured displays. As a curated site, POBA encourages members to participate in creating compelling and interesting exhibitions in a range of art forms.

  • POBA Selects – These exhibits are drawn by POBA from the images in the Portfolios which members make public. These “selects” cover subjects, themes, and art forms which POBA deems of interest to visitors and members alike.
  • Partner Selects –  POBA has partnerships with many diverse organizations and groups working in a variety of artistic media.  Our partners identify artists to be featured on POBA and work with us to create interesting displays.
  • Member Selects – POBA members recommend or vote for artworks they have viewed on the POBA site, and from members’ choices, POBA will organize one or more exhibits. Coming soon!

Visitors and the general public can also participate in shaping great exhibits on POBA.  Participate in the community that selects future POBA exhibits.  Join us!