Haiku Artistry on POBA

William J. Higginson (1938-2008), was an American master of a Japanese art form – the haiku. POBA is fortunate to display 35 of the remarkable haiku that span the full range of his active life as a poet.  Born in New York City, he grew up in Bergenfield, NJ.  After attending MIT, he joined the US Air Force, which sent him to Yale to learn Japanese and then posted him for two years to Misawa Air Base, where he mastered Japanese through the study of verse. This would change the course of his personal and creative life. Bill eventually returned to Paterson NJ to study the work of Paterson’s native son and master poet, William Carlos Williams. Ultimately Bill would become an exceptional haiku master and evangelist for the art form. Over the course of his life he would fill many creative roles superbly: poet, translator, critic, editor, advocate, collector, and enthusiast. At the time of his death, Bill had become recognized as one of New jersey’s most renowned artists.  Enjoy the haiku of Bill Higginson here.