Just A Few Left

Daryl Rosen (1951-1973) lived an artful life and an art-filled life. Destined to be an artist, she began early to create works that caught the eye of those around her.

By junior high school Daryl was formally studying painting, by high school she was traveling to Europe and Russia to study and learn, and by college she had studied at some of the most highly-regarded art institutes worldwide and under exceptional tutelage. Throughout all of this, she also lived an adventurous, love-filled and sweet life in which her creative output was prodigious.

Daryl was on her way to begin graduate studies when she, her older sister, and her father were killed in a tragic roadside accident. More than 40 years later, very few of her works survive, but POBA is fortunate to be able to display them. Some are her youngest, untutored works of promise and some show the extraordinary skill and vision she had by her early 20s.