Know Your Value

The value of a creative legacy is more than financial.  POBA’s newest partnership with the Appraisers Association of America allows us to help know your creative legacy’s value on every level. Established in 1949, the Appraisers Association is the premier association of personal property appraisers. Association members are independent, covering 100 different areas of specialization and serving private collectors, estates, museums, educational institutions, legal and accounting professionals, and just about anyone who has a need to know the value of a creative work, collection or estate. They deliver independent, informed, and objective valuations for insurance, tax, charitable and other purposes. Many are also skilled and experienced archivists and cataloging experts as well.  With POBA, the Association’s 700-strong roster of appraisers bring the highest level of qualifications and standards known in the field to the benefit of POBA members and artists on terms that are especially beneficial through POBA.  For more information on how to benefit from POBA’s partnership with the Appraisers Association, contact our POBA Concierge.