An Artful Life | Horst Trave’s Works

Untitled 16 | Horst Trave

Horst Trave (1918 – 2012), an acclaimed abstract painter, led a multi-faceted and adventurous life. Idealistic and always self-effacing, the German-born Trave painted thousands of works over some sixty years that also saw him in the roles of German anti-fascist draft evader in WWII; US War department employee in Berlin; serious student of the arts and equally engaged and engaging teacher of the arts; home builder; and husband. He became an influential artist, renowned as part of the group of artists known as the San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionists. Yet, for Horst, art was both quintessential and just a part of his life, a purposeful means to a graceful end: an artful life. Click here to see Horst Trave’s works.