Making the Music Connection

If you are an active musician or should ever come into control of musical works after someone has passed away, there are essential first steps to take to preserve, promote and protect a music legacy. Music Connection magazine offers POBA’s basic guidelines to aid you in protecting your collections and preserve the musician’s body of work. With luck, the artist may have already been done all or much of this work, leaving existing files for you to sort through, and you will have to give some thought to how best to organize those materials in whatever way will give you greatest access, security and use for your purposes. But if you weren’t so lucky and find that you may have a “DIY” project facing you regarding a music catalog, POBA suggests ways to approach the project. Whether you do this for personal or commercial reasons, the steps needed are quite similar, varying a bit depending upon whether you’re concerned with songs, compositions or (master) sound recordings. Read more expert tips here.