Marni Nixon Helps Andrew Gold Take Another Bow

POBA artist Andrew Gold, an acclaimed artist in his own right, was also the son of Marni Nixon,  one of America’s best female vocalists. Marni is the voice behind some of the greatest filmed musical performances known – singing the role of “Anna” in The King and I for Deborah Kerr,  performing the vocals of “Eliza Doolitle” in My Fair Lady for Audrey Hepburn, and performing the vocals as “Maria” for Natalie Wood in West Side Story, among others. Here, Center of the Aisle magazine connected with Marni Nixon and with Leslie Kogan, wife of Andrew Gold, about Andrew’s amazing talent even as a boy, his remarkable creative life and legacy, and how they have worked with POBA to preserve and promote Andrew’s work since he passed away. While Leslie Kogan speaks about dealing with the challenge of organizing a massive body of creative work, Marni Nixon gives her perspective on Andrew as a developing artist, what it means to lose him as a son and as a creative powerhouse, and how POBA as a resource makes a difference to her and her family. Leslie Kogan also discusses her plans to develop Andrew’s unfinished works through POBA. Read more.