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If you love all kinds of art and want to see and hear great art that you have not yet had access to…
If you believe that great talent deserves to be seen, heard, recognized and enjoyed, rather than lost….
If you represent or are responsible for the legacy of an exceptional artist whose work – in any media – was not fully recognized during his lifetime….

POBA Membership is for you!

Become a POBA FanPOBA Friend, or POBA  Presenter. Learn more below.


POBA FANS receive FREE Membership and can immediately enjoy seeing and hearing great art displays and performances on POBA. 

 As a POBA FAN, you:

  •  Get Updates on new POBA artists,  partnerships and  special services
  • Can Nominate A Great – Recommend exceptional artists whose creative legacies should be featured  on POBA
  • Choose Member Selects – Help create special exhibits and events based on your choices of the best on POBA.
  • Ask POBA Concierge – Get access to personal assistance in finding best in class services and all the resources you need to  help you preserve, catalog, archive, appraise, store, demo, edit, promote and sell creative collections.
  • Get Invitations – Be among the first to hear about upcoming streamed and live events, performances,  and Q and A’ s with experts and artists’ reps.

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POBA FRIENDS support the important charitable and cultural mission of POBA by donating $20, $50, $100 or more to POBA.  With your support POBA is able to assist the families and representatives of deceased artists to create the physical archives, digital files, and the actual onsite portfolios to bring great art to the public on POBA.  As a special thank you for supporting our work, FRIENDS enjoy all the benefits of FANS plus

  • Access to the POBA VIP Green Room for previews and after event discussions with POBA experts, performers and special guests.
  • Discounts on ShopPOBA and Concierge Services
  • Tax Deductibility for you contribution

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POBA PRESENTERS create vaults and displays to showcase an artist’s legacy on POBA. Presenters enjoy all the benefits of FRIENDS and FANS plus:  

  • FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP – The first two months are free to POBA PRESENTERS. Your credit card will not be charged for 60 days, at which time the annual membership fee of just $49.95 will be applied for the next 12-month period.  This fee covers your storage space and the costs for maintaining and properly operating the POBA website so that your artist’s works are enjoyed, appreciated, promoted and publicized as fully as possible
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – POBA offers an additional 30-DAY money-back guarantee at no cost during the first month of paid membership. This affords new members 90 DAYS IN TOTAL to create a vault and one or more portfolios. If for any reason you are not satisfied you can discontinue using POBA and your PRESENTER membership fee will be returned – no muss, no fuss
  • Secure digital storage – For digital files of any kind (up to 5 gigs), with ability expand storage capacity for additional low cost
  • Unlimited number of portfolios – You have the personal ability to create, change, add and remove portfolios for display on POBA at any time you want
  • Online support and assistance – To help you create an artist’s vault and portfolios
  • POBA Portfolio Help – If you are too busy for DIY, POBA can create your vault and portfolio(s) for you for a nominal fee
  • Free personal consultation with POBA Concierge – To assist you with online and physical storage, archiving, cataloguing, and more to preserve, protect,  display, promote, create related merchandise and sell your artist’s works.
  • Featured Exhibits – Presenters’ portfolios and individual images and audio or video recordings can be included in POBA’s online exhibitions and events through Member Selects, POBA Selects, and Juried Exhibits.
  • Sale and Representation  – Presenters can identify the works on display which they wish to make available for sale though POBA.  Our team can also find the right representation for you if you want to display or perform original works in the 3-D world through POBA and our partner galleries, auction houses, and professional associations.
  • Promotion to media and to the general public – Via social media and marketing partnerships with other cultural and arts organizations
  • Discounts – On POBA Concierge Services and all other onsite resources as they are developed

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