NPR Aspen Public Radio | How One Woman’s Grief Led…To The Creation of POBA

Aspen Public radio station KAJX’s Patrick Fort reports on the deep “dark” roots of POBA’s creation – the grief of Sallie Bernard over the loss of her 22 year old son and artist, Jamie – and her desire to find or create a place to show his work, honor his life, and ensure that other talented artists who died before being recognized might have a place in the light… of POBA. Her collaboration with two partners at Songmasters to create POBA led to the opportunity she had being made available to dozens of extraordinary, deceased artists like Clark Tippett and Andrew Gold, whose family members were also interviewed along with Songmasters’ Jennifer Cohen on the power of POBA to deepen their understanding of these artists, to tell their stories, as well as preserve and show their art.