NPR’s KAJX Discovers POBA’s Deep Dark Roots

Aspen NPR station KAJX reporter, Patrick Fort, reported on the roots of POBA –  how the seed for this remarkable site emerged from the grief and love of Sallie Bernard for her deceased son and artist, Jamie, and how out of the dark of her deep grief came her uplifting collaboration to create a place that casts a new light on the art – and the lives – of remarkable artists whose works might otherwise have been lost to history. Fort interviewed Sallie Bernard, Jennifer Cohen, and family members of two POBA artists, Clark Tippett and Andrew Gold, to tell about how POBA not only preserved these artists’ works, but deepened the relationship between these talented deceased artists and their loved ones simply by the act of creating their POBA portfolios. “Lots of the people who have submitted their loved one’s art to POBA feel that way. It’s created a space where people can share more than art — it’s the stories too.”

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