ArtsWA | Washington State Arts Commission

Washington State acknowledged the public value of the arts in 1961 by establishing the Washington State Arts Commission. ArtsWA is a catalyst for the arts, advancing the role of the arts in the lives of individuals and communities throughout the state.  The goal of ArtsWA is to ensure that the arts are thriving and celebrated throughout the state and are woven into the fabric of vital and vibrant communities by serving as  economic drivers to generate revenues, as  educational assets to develop imagination and facilitate success, as civic catalysts to sustain welcoming community and desirable quality of life, and by preserving Washington State’s cultural legacies.  POBA is collaborating with ArtsWA to feature winners of the Governor’s Award in the Arts and other deceased Washington State artists who have received special recognition from ArtsWA.  See the exceptional Artists nominated by Washington State in Partner Selects/ArtsWA