Pen Like A Knife | Fiction of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Misty Morning Feeding | AE Backus

Marjory Stoneman Douglas (1890 – 1998) was a journalist, writer, activist, environmentalist and feminist, famously described as having “a tongue like a switchblade and the moral authority to embarrass bureaucrats and politicians and make things happen.” Especially dedicated to the preservation of the Florida Everglades, this collection of early short stories captures that surgical wit, technical skill and unbridled passion that became the mark of her writing for the next 70 years. In the spirit of Earth Day 2017, Douglas’ works  – both factual and fictional – stand out among the most effective environmental writing.

Her fictional works were widely published and popular, and often were well ahead of her time on matters of racial justice, women’s rights, and the care and protection of the natural world. A riveting collection of short fictional pieces, most originally published in the Saturday Evening Post and the Library Digest during the late 1920s and early 1930s, is her first POBA portfolio.

Her works were so highly regarded during her lifetime that she was entered into the prestigious Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 1993 by the Florida Division of Cultural AffairsWhile her writing topics are wide-ranging, her skill on paper and off at bringing the facts and the impact of the issues she raised are unparalleled – and always a good read. Click here to read some of her best short fictional works.

In tribute to her work to preserve the Florida everglades, we accompany this portfolio with a work of fellow Floridian and conservationist, called Misty Morning Feeding by A.E. Backus, c. 1950. We are grateful to the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs for making these works available on POBA.