POBA Selects: The Inaugural Artists

POBA began with a feature on three artists ranging in age from 16 to 90 years of age. While all painted, two also created furniture, clay and ceramic works. Several also were writers. POBA features the paintings and illustrations of these three exceptional talents: Blake Van Hoof Packard, Jamie Bernard and Nancy Whorf.

Blake Van Hoof Packard (1994-2010) lived a short 16 years, yet his paintings reveal both a vision and a talent that are simply “cosmic.” As a turn-of-the-21st century artist, Blake got the Packard family gene for line, color and form, but had an entirely different object of fascination than any of his predecessors. Read more about Blake & see his work here.

Jamie Bernard (1987-2010) was a prodigious young writer and artist who filtered contemporary culture through a prism of youth and alienation, supported by keen observation and a consuming passion for literature, history, and international affairs. Read more about Jamie & see his work here.

Nancy Whorf (1930-2009) was a prolific painter, best known for her vibrant, varied scenes of the fishing village where she lived all her life on Cape Cod. She painted the town and its memorable characters as a visual memoirist – rather than in any effort to recreate it accurately. Read more about Nancy & see her work.