Albert Harold Linaweaver (1855-1937) was a painter, photographer, wood engraver and physician. Born in Clark County, Ohio in 1855, he would become a significant contributor to Ohio’s historlcal record through the early photographic images he took in the late 1800s.  He attended Wittenberg College and then moved to Findlay, OH in 1880 where he opened a Photography Studio, where he partnered with Albert Crozier in business for views of residences, stock and machines, graphic portrait enlargements in crayon and India ink.

In 1893 he abandoned his photography business and went to medical school at the University of Chicago, graduating in 1896. He returned to Findlay, OH to open a successful Ear, Nose and Throat practice,  He continued to paint until his death in 1937.

This very early photographic work, Sunshine and Shadow: Cornfields (c. 1880),  is part of the permanent collections of Hancock Historical Museum.  It is displayed as part of #Celebrate Ohio Arts 2017.