Leslie Cope (1913-2002) was both an artist and the child of an artist,  master potter and designer Sidney Cope.   British born Cope moved as a child when his father assumed a position in design at the Mosaic Tile Company in Zanesville,  OH.  Leslie would initially follow in his father’s footsteps as a mosaic and tile designer until WWII, when he was assigned to paint camouflage art in the South Pacific.   After returning to Roseville, Ohio he quickly integrated himself into the Ohio art scene, and would never return to pottery design,  expanding to watercolors, oils, graphics, printmaking and larger works. His work often depicted scenes of rural Ohio, small villages, industrial towns, fairs and carnivals, and his favorite subject, work horses.

This work Gray Day at the Mill, Zanesville Ohio, 1973 is part of the permanent collection of the Zanesville Museum of Art. It is displayed as part of #CelebrateOhioArts 2017.