Louie Myers (1959-2003) was a poet, a story teller, writer and painter. He was also known as a “character” –  a man of memorable personality and enthusiasm.  He lived his short life vividly through his stories of heroes and lovers, influenced by his favorite writer, Rudyard Kipling. He could paint any subject; animals, portraits and landscapes were among his favorite subjects. He was well versed in Latin American culture and mythology, and was best known for his South American and Mexican themed paintings.  He used the canvas to become a backdrop for his own personal mythology. Through these inspired paintings, along with his tales and poems, we can see Louie Myers, the genius.

This work, Bull Fighter (1954), is part of the permanent collection in Ohio’s Hancock Historical Museum.  He is displayed on POBA as part of #CelebrateOhioArts 2017.