Paul Patton (1921- 1999), hailing from the small Ohio village of Rix Mills,  spent much of his younger years running around the school house yard, working in the fields, and playing in the rural countryside. After leaving his hometown to pursue a career as a WWII pilot and educator, Patton returned in 1985 to find the village decimated by strip mining. With no formal training, Patton began to paint pictures of the Rix Mills of his youth based on his memories of his life there with his widowed mother  and five siblings.

From memory, Patton painted more than 500 scenes of the village of his heart.  One of Ohio;s most widely recognized folk artists, his nostalgic renditions are lively, colorful and full of details about rural Ohio life in the 1920s and 1930s. These works are now records of a village that once was and is no more.  Many of his works are on display in the Zanesville Museum of Art | Ohio Gallery.

This work, Buttoning Down for Winter, is displayed as part of the #CelebrateOhioArts, 2017.