Phyllis Sklar – A Hand Wrought Jewel

Phyllis Sklar (1924-2010) was an artist of many expressions, best known for her primitive paintings and for her imaginatively rendered hand-wrought jewelry.

Phyllis was ceaselessly creative and extraordinarily talented. Her paintings show the vibrant, wry and timely view she held of life’s very human condition and the world she lived in. Her jewelry, on the other hand, was highly stylized and often intricate. Her many paintings, drawings and jewelry had drawn a quiet but loyal following during her liefetime. Even her business logo is included in national surveys of distinguished modern art.

Born in New York City to Reuben Gold and Leona Meltzer Gold, Russian Americans who raised their two daughters in the Bronx and later Manhattan, Phyllis grew up surrounded by the lively arts and music communities in which she lived. She launched her career as an artist when she founded Phyllis HandWrought Jewelry in 1955 New York’s Greenwich Village section of Manhattan. There she was powerfully affected by the burgeoning arts and music scene of “the Village.”

During these years, Phyllis met her future husband, local artist and musician, Israel Sklar. Izzy also shared a natural talent in designing and making jewelry and joined Phyllis in operating the studio/store. At their wedding in 1960, noted jazz musician PeeWee Russell served as their best man.

Many of their devoted customers and fans in Greenwich Village urged the Sklars to open a store in Provincetown, MA, by then a famous and well-established arts colony. Phyllis and Izzy loved the creative energy and sense of community there and moved their lives and work to this New England coastal town in 1961, where their new studio and space soon became and remains a Provincetown landmark.

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