Roy Bigler (1956-2014) was a modern artist inspired by the Fluxus and Dada art movements. In painting and mixed works, he expressed his vision of randomness and documented of everyday life and objects that are normally ignored in Fine Arts or “High” Art. His art was also created as statements, for example, his mail art exchanges with other like-minded artists involving small, sly, items made for mass consumption but which actually subverted mass consumption.  These became a cynical commentary on capitalistic society.

He also was involved in making music, performance art, poetry, and films – all forms of art that take place in and of the moment of time as they are experienced by the viewer. This interest in the ephemeral nature of time and the preservation of moments of time continued throughout his career and informed the making of his sculptural objects and later his “time capsule” boxes.

Bigler was part of a group of Kent State artists who subsequently made the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. a go-to arts neighborhood in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The artists that were part of his group of friends included Steven B & Mother Dwarf, Beth Wolfe, Frank Green, Dan Tranberg, Terry Durst, Jeff Chiplis, Dave Madigan, Gee Sun Park and later Dana Depew. Almost all of these artists worked in some way with found objects.

The work displayed here,  MESMERIC TUMERIC, is in the permanent collection of the AAWR, which is participating in #CelebrateOhioArts 2017