Tara Peckham (1999-  ) is an artist working in multiple mediums, primarily painting and photography. All of their work navigates the balance between the self and the other. In blending reality and fluidity, structure and play, sensory memories and dreams, their work has become an act of self analysis and meditation. Their creative practice is heavily based in a slow moving process. All their paintings start out as a collection of photographs or memories that they will turn into a series of sketches and watercolours before starting on a canvas. The inspiration for both their photography and painting comes from a desire to create an image of a visceral experience or emotion– the desire to soak in moving water, the feeling of growing into a version of themself  that they used to dream of. Each piece depicts fantastical moments that they need to bring to life. 

The colours and subjects they use have been heavily influenced by their cultural background. Growing up in Bali, Indonesia with an American father and Indian mother Tara has been exposed to a vast array of inspiring artistic and physical landscapes. Their recent work deals with the union between childhood memories, play, and sensuality. It embodies a visceral sense of fullness that flirts with the erotic while also holding the the innocence and curiosity of moments and places they experienced as a child.