A. E. Backus | Wild Wonders

Albert Ernest "Beanie" Backus (1906–1990) was famous for his vivid Florida landscapes capturing a fast-vanishing Florida wild lands in pre-WW2 Florida. With an artistic career panning nearly 70 years, Backus would paint a wide variety of subjects - some impressionistically and some with exquisite and refined detail. Some involved Florida, though may involved other parts of the world, including the South Pacific, the West Coast, Europe and the Caribbean. Yet Backus would come to be seen as the seminal Florida landscape painter, and others who followed would emulate him. Here, we see some of the beautifully rendered paintings Backus created, primarily of the Indian River and Everglades areas of Florida.

image Cove on the Indian River c. 1979
image Change in the Weather c. 1977
image Glimpse of the Indian River c. 1980
image Everglades Pond c. 1950
image Misty Morning Feeding c. 1980
image Cabbage Palm Hammock c. 1967
image Back Country 1984
image Fishermen Returning, Priestman's River, Jamaica c. 1965
image Woodland Shadows c. 1962
image Mossy Oak Shadows c. 1967
image Moonlight Breakers c. 1985
image North Carolina Mountain Stream Year Unknown
image Hammock Road After Rain c. 1976
image Summer Shower c. 1960
image Indian River Year Unknown
image Savannah Storm Rising c. 1946
image Simonsons Dock c. 1984
image Indian River Sailing c. 1973
image Three White Waders c. 1965
image Roseates in the Marsh Year Unknown
image Surf's Up - Jamaica, W.I. c. 1960
image Dragon's Head Year Unknown
image Indian River Fisherman c. 1954
image St. Lucie River c. 1968
image On The Savanna c. 1945
image St. Lucie River Reflections Year Unknown
image North Carolina Waterfall Year Unknown
image Bright Morning Year Unknown
image Walton Rocks c. 1935
image Palm Breeze Year Unknown
image Morning on the Indian River c. 1952
image Early Pine Lands c. 1940
image View from 803 South Indian River Dr. c. 1948
image Flamboyant c. 1976