Aminah Robinson | Vivid Legacy

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson (1940-2015) was born in and a lifelong resident of Columbus, Ohio whose devotion to her neighborhood was matched by her wide travels, deep research and unbounded curiosity. Aminah created a style that defies customary artistic categories by blending the folk traditions she learned as a child from her parents and the formal training she received in art school. Through elegant pen and ink drawings, layered cloth paintings, bold woodcuts, sculptures embellished with cloth, buttons, shells, and music boxes, and "RagGonNons" - complex, mixed media works of art that take years to research and create - she vividly recreated both the physical reality of her Columbus OH, neighborhoods, her father's Sapelo Island (GA) community, and the worlds she experienced and researched through her trips to Africa, Israel, Chile, and New York. Here we see a small portion of her prolific creativity drawn from the range of her artistic and geographic adventures.

Aminah Robinson was awarded the Ohio Governor's Award for the Arts as an individual artist by the Ohio Arts Council, the most prestigious arts award granted by OAC. POBA thanks OAC and the Columbus Museum of Art for their assistance in displaying Aminah's works.

embed Aminah's Origins | Video 2015
image To Be a Drum | Jazz Band 1998
image Gift of Love 1974-2002
image To Be a Drum - 9 Faces 1998
image My Lord, What a Morning 1994
image Journal 1980
image To Be A Drum | Slave Ship 1998
image The Teachings (cover) 1992
image Poindexter Girl with Umbrella 1970
image Untitled 1 1997
image Untitled 2 1997
image One Day in the History of Brooklyn, NY 2005
image Streets of Dakar, Senegal 1980
image John T. Ward Transporting Fugitives in Columbus Ohio to Freedom, 1800s 1982
image Ursel White Lewis / A Clutch of Blossoms 1990
image Life Along Water Street 2003-7
image One Day in 1307 A.D.: King Abubakari II 1985-92
image My Mother | A Clutch of Blossoms 1990