Andrew Gold | Rare as Gold

Andrew Gold (1951-2011) possessed prodigious musical talent, found rarely in each generation: a mellifluous, passionate singer; a polished, thoughtful, and astute songwriter; a creative, meticulous producer, arranger and engineer; and a virtuoso performer on multiple musical instruments. Every day, somewhere across the globe, someone is enjoying the music of Andrew Gold, unquestionably some of the most beloved sounds of the past 50 years. On POBA, we hear some of his early versions of later releases and some never-before-heard demos and unreleased songs.

audio Of All The Little Girls in the World 1967
audio That's Why I Love you 1975
audio Savannah 1990's
audio Crunchbunny late 1960's
audio Thank You For Being A Friend Late 1970's
audio Never let Her Slip Away 1980's
audio Don't Play That Song 1980's
audio Maybe 1980's
audio Amour Du Jour Early 1980's
audio True Love Takes Another Beating Early 1980's
audio Somebody New Today Early 1980's
audio A Little Mercy Early 2000's
audio One Of Them Is Me 1970's
audio Ten Years Behind Me 1970's
audio Are you Out There 1990's
audio Love Of My Life 1990's, released as 'Forever I Do' in 2000
audio I Wonder Shat She's Like 1980's
audio Sorry To Let You Down 1990's
audio Tuba Rye and Will's Son/Balloon in the Sky 1990's with 60s sounds
audio Tomorrow Drop Dead 1990's with 60s sounds
audio Rainbow People 1990's with 60s sounds
audio Mr. Plastic Business Man 1990's with 60s sounds