Ben-Zion | Lines and Color

Ben Zion was an exceptional artist, versed in many artistic media. With this collection from his personal holdings, we are able to see his deft hand and great knowledge of color and shape. The vibrancy of every color and the precision of his lines and compositions make it impossible not to want a closer look. While the subjects of each work might be familiar individually, they may not typically be associated with one another, especially in the colors he chooses to portray them, where his use of color is distinctive whether bold or subtle. From popping green and fiery red to muted umber, Ben Zion is able to create harmony across the spectrum of colors, an ability that few artists can lay claim to with such certainty.

image Pipe, Brushes, Nuts 1937
image Figure on Red Couch 1935
image Green Apples 1940
image Figure Head Bent Back 1943
image Figure Near A Table 1933
image Still Life With Daisy 1939
image Figure in Blue Room 1933
image Figure on Yellow Stool 1940
image Running Through Grass 1934
image Bright Apples 1934
image Blue Bird 1940
image Flower in Coffee Pot 1940
image Green Figure on Red Stool 1942
image Grove 1950
image Blue Draped Chair 1937
image Reclining with Hand and Knee 1960