Ben-Zion | Sculpture

Ben-Zion started to work with iron around 1959, long after he had established his reputation as a painter. He became enamored of and sought out old hand-wrought iron tools and implements and incorporated many of these found objects into his sculpture. A lighter side emerges from Ben-Zion's iron pieces. The nimble figures and abstractions he constructed clearly express his sheer delight with this material. Human, animal, insect and bird motifs exude playfulness and humor.

image Dancer 1970, Iron, 12"
image Mask c. 1970s, Tortoise shell, 13 x 11"
image Masks c. 1960s, drift wood
image This Was a Shovel, Now It Is a Mask 1975, Iron, 10 1/2"
image Celestial Face 1978, Iron, 8"
image Celestial Sphere 1978, Iron, 11 1/2"
image Moses Writing The Tablets 1979, Iron, 24"
image Don Quixote and Sancho Panza 1963, Iron, 19"
image Peasant and His Wife 1974, Iron, 10"
image Mexican Woman and Child 1975, Iron, 3"
image Crowing Rooster 1977, Iron, 27"
image Mask c. 1970, Iron, 14 1/2"
image Variations On a Theme 1963, Iron, 16-27"
image Variations On a Theme 1963, Iron, 12-14"
image Alighting Eagle 1965, Iron, 17"
image Alighting Bird 1972, Iron, 9"
image The End of The Play, The Actors Bow 1979, Iron, 5 1/2"
image Apocalypse 1975, Iron, 12"