Bob Guccione | A Still Life in Motion

In both his public and in his private life, Bob Guccione (1930-2010) found his essential passion and lifelong artistic expression in painting and drawing. Fame and controversy may have obscured his talent during his lifetime, but here we have an opportunity to experience what Guccione saw and created by his own hand: the rich colors, soft lines, and deep feeling he captures in his paintings of everyday scenes of life. In stark contrast to his business and public life, his paintings are full of sensitivity yet without any sensationalism. They capture, as he titled one painting, his still life in motion.

image Three Women at a Round Table 1957
image Three Women in a Field 1957
image Bathers 1958
image Boy With Sailor Cap 1999
image Earth Angel 1998
image Portrait of a Roman Woman 1956
image Portrait of John McCormack 1960
image Portrait of Popovski 1955
image Self Illustration 1999
image Still Life in Motion 1954
image The Carousel 1956
image The Illustrated Woman 1996
image The Juggler 1955
image Woman by a Country Road 1960's
image Woman in Yellow 1994