Carol C. Carlisle | Eye Before Camera

Carol C. Carlisle (1924-2011) epitomized the artistry behind the art: As the Managing Editor of Popular Photography magazine, during her nearly a 35-year career she was celebrated for her keen eye and unswerving sense of perfection. Through her own artist's eye, she brought to life and to the world her own unique vision of the world, of photography as an emerging form of art, entertainment, and journalism and of the unique way in which pictures stilled the moment in all its beauty, feeling, grace and and power. During her career, she preserved more than 1200 about-to-be-destroyed photos, at that time of mostly “unknowns.” But history has shown these photographic treasures were created by titans of early professional photography and that Carol Carlisle saved their work from oblivion.

image Ah Cha Cha Cha | Milton Greene 1950
image Coleman Hawkins | Giuseppe Pino Year Unknown
image Tommy Flanagan | Giuseppe Pino 1950
image Hail Hail, The Gang's All Here | Robert Mottar 1960
image Budding Artist | Morris Jaffe 1950
image Here's Looking at You | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown
image At the Starting Gate | Steve Fontanini Year Unknown
image Man on a Train | Ralph Nykvist Year Unknown
image Early Digital Photography | Alfred Gescheidt 1950
image Night on the Town Year Unknown
image Not Seeing No | Merit R. Brown year Unknown
image Boy and His Friends | Raul Cubillas Year Unknown
image Charley Taylor | Tabor Chadwick Year Unknown
image Washing Day in Italy | Giuseppe Borra Year Unknown
image Men on Ladders | Giorgina Reid Year Unknown
image Untitled Year Unknown
image Love | David Chalk Year Unknown
image Stopped | B. Brisset Year Unknown
image Loving Life | Jay Colen Year Unknown
image Kim Novak on a Train | Leonard McCombe 1950
image Sammy Davis Jr. | Burt Glinn 1950
image Carol Carlisle and Child 1964
image A Snowy Day in the Flower District | W. Eugene Smith 1958
image A Sad and Snowy Day | W. Eugene Smith 1958
image A Snow Day in New York | David Attie 1950
image A Quiet Spot | W. Eugene Smith 1958
image Off to Church | W. Eugene Smith 1958
image Roses | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown
image Fish | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown
image Eye in the Sky | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown
image Cats | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown
image Bald Man | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown
image Woman in Pearls | Alfred Gescheidt Year Unknown