Carol C. Carlisle | Bodies

Carol C. Carlisle (1924-2011) epitomized the artistry behind the art: As the Managing Editor of Popular Photography magazine nearly 35 years she was celebrated for her keen eye and unswerving sense of perfection. During her career, she preserved more than 1200 about-to-be-destroyed photos, at that time of mostly “unknowns.” But history has shown these photographic treasures were created by titans of early professional photography and that Carol Carlisle saved their work from oblivion. Here we see some of the more stunning photographs of nudes she preserved, including works by Fritz Henle, Bob Hollingsworth, and Lucien Clergue, among other leading 20th century photographers.

image Beach Nude and Driftwood | Fritz Henle 1947
image Coney Island | Leon Levinstein 1955
image Nude in Landscape | Bob Hollingsworth 1959
image Nu de la Mer (4 works) | Lucien Clergue 1960's
image Overhead Fisheye View of Nude in Landscape | Charles Swedlund 1960s
image Untitled | Jerry Uelsmann 1965