Carol C. Carlisle | Documentary Images

Carol C. Carlisle (1924-2011) epitomized the artistry behind the art: As the Managing Editor of Popular Photography magazine nearly 35 years she was celebrated for her keen eye and unswerving sense of perfection. During her career, she preserved more than 1200 about-to-be-destroyed photos, at that time of mostly “unknowns.” But history has shown these photographic treasures were created by titans of early professional photography and that Carol Carlisle saved their work from oblivion. Here we see some of the more stunning documentary-style photographs she preserved, including the original wide-range shot by Bob Jackson of Jack Ruby's assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, as well as other documentary photos by leading 20th century photographers.

image Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand on set of Let's Make Love | John Bryson 1960
image Marilyn Monroe Preparing for a Scene | John Bryson 1961
image Marilyn Monroe Descending Stairs | John Bryson 1960
image Marilyn Monroe Sleeping | John Bryson 1960
image Winchester College | Cornell Capa 1951
image Priests Twirling in the Snow | Mario Giacomelli 1960s
image Jack Ruby Shooting Lee Harvey Oswald | Robert Jackson 1963
image Men in Desert; Man with Bandaged Feet | Cornell Capa 1950s
image We had a ball on the Fourth of July. The whole neighborhood came out for the parade | Bill Owens 1968-72
image Scarf | Saul Leiter 1948
image Lower Second Avenue, Manhattan | Louis Stettner 1954
image Northeast Brazil, Father Crespo Leading Prayer | Cornell Capa 1950s
image Priests Playing with One Reading at Right | Mario Giacomelli 1960s
image Soldier and Woman in Bus Waiting Room | John Vachon early 1940s
image Little Boy in Striped Jacket in Doorway | Irwin Charles Rapoport Year Unknown
image Fisheye View of Canon at the Kremlin | Arthur Rothstein 1950s
image Children, Aubervillers, France | Louis Stettner 1947
image New York, West Street 14 | Aaron Siskind 1950
image Men in Bangladesh | Mary Ellen Mark Year Unknown
image Black Jews: New York City (12 works) | Lawrence N. Shustack 1960s