Carol C. Carlisle | Portraits

Carol C. Carlisle (1924-2011) epitomized the artistry behind the art: As the Managing Editor of Popular Photography magazine nearly 35 years she was celebrated for her keen eye and unswerving sense of perfection. During her career, she preserved more than 1200 about-to-be-destroyed photos, at that time of mostly “unknowns.” But history has shown these photographic treasures were created by titans of early professional photography and that Carol Carlisle saved their work from oblivion. Here we see some of the more riveting photographic portraits she preserved, including new images of celebrities such as Picasso, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve, jazz greats Tommy Flanagan and Coleman Hawkins, beat poet Allen Ginsberg, eminent artist Andrew Wyeth, and more. Also seen are evocative portraits of ordinary people - of children, men at work, and more, all by leading 20th century photographers such as Giuseppe Pino, Douglas David, Duncan, and Mario Giacomelli.

image Allen Ginsberg Close Up | Perry Riddle 1960
image Maurice Chevalier Surrounded by Hats | Loebel 1930's - 1940's
image Picasso, La Califorine | David Douglas Duncan 1957
image Weegee | Leo Stashin 1950
image Four Works | Giuseppe G. Pino 1960's
image Brigitte Bardot Portrait | Gene East 1950's
image Catherine Deneuve | Mary Ellen Mark 1960
image Andrew Wyeth for Life | Arnold Newman 1949
image Shirtless Worker with Goggles and Shovel | Milton Rogovin 1950's
image Weegee with Cigar | Philippe Halsman 1945
image Man Ray | J.S. Lewinski 1969
image Kim Novak in a Striped Shirt | Leonard McCombe 1956
image Joanna and Ginger Bell | Richard Pousette 1947
image Sad Child | Edward Wallowitch 1950's
image Little Girl in Window | Marvin E. Newman 1950's
image Ralph Gibson, New York | Eva Rubenstein 1971
image Kathy and Gloria, Brooklyn | Saul Leiter 1948
image Robert Frank, New York | Eva Rubenstein 1973
image Young Boy with Crossed Arms | Wayne Miller 1940's
image Charles Scheeler | Barbara Morgan 1945
image Weegee at Work | Henry Genn 1940's
image Plaid Umbrella | Saul Leiter 1947
image Ernest Hemingway | John Bryson Year Unknown