Carol Kessler | Serigraphs

Carol Kessler (1916-2004) was an adventurous artist on and off the "canvas" whose drawn works included oil and acrylics, collage, graphic arts, painting, and serigraphs, often adding sand or fabric into her works. She became particularly skilled in the complex and labor-intensive technique of silk screening, and the serigraphs displayed in this portfolio capture the range of her subjects and approach. Carol produced most of her serigraphs during the 1960's and 70's.

image Seacology I 1968
image Mendocino 1965
image Woman's Head Year Unknown
image Interchange 1973
image Woman with Yellow Year Unknown
image Triad 1976
image Head Year Unknown
image Faces of Love II 1971
image Pasadena Freeway 1971
image Baja Ghosts 1973
image Babysitter II 1960
image Blue Mountain 1973
image Forest 1975
image Cat with Bent Tail 1977
image Icarus 1971
image King Tut's Ghost 1978
image Big Girls 1973
image Jesse James 1975