Charles Furr | Greece, Turkey, Spain and Portugal

Charles Key Furr (1928-2014) was born in Amarillo, Texas. Soon after graduating high school, Charles Furr's adventures in travel, study, work and art began with a knapsack, a bike and a handful of other young adventurers joining him to tour Europe. At the time Europe was recovering from the Second World War and although tourists were permitted to travel, basic staples were limited and many depended on rationing as well as the generosity of residents. Charles was taken by the experience abroad. Over the course of his life, Charles and his wife, Beatriz, would travel extensively and occasionally live overseas. Voyages abroad included the Greek Islands, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. This portfolio shows Charles' expression of his travel experiences, captured in vibrantly rich oils and bright watercolors inspired by towns and landscapes he experienced on travels to these countries.

image Santorini in White, Greece 1983 Watercolor
image White Church, Greece 1983 Watercolor
image Green Oleander Monemvasia , Greece 1983 Watercolor
image Santorini, Greece 1983 Watercolor
image Paros, Greece 1983 Watercolor
image Monemvasia, Greece 1983 Watercolor
image Acropolis, Greece 1985 Oil
image Greek Ruins, Greece 1985 Oil
image Temple of Diana, Turkey 1986 Oil
image Columns Ephesus, Turkey 1986 Oil
image Greece 1990 Watercolor
image Stone Wall, Greece 1990 Watercolor
image Vine, Greece 1990 Watercolor
image Late Afternoon, Greece 1990 Watercolor
image Cross, Greece 1990 Watercolor
image Greece #6 1990 Watercolor
image Areopolis Red Roofs, Greece 1998 Oil
image White Walls Mykonos, Greece 1998 Oil
image Simyi 2, Greece 1999 Oil
image Andros, Greece 1999 Oil
image Santorini, Greece 2000 Oil
image Blue Dome Monemvasia, Greece 2000 Oil
image Village by the Sea, Greece 2001 Oil
image Monemvasia, Greece 2001 Oil
image Expedition, Greece 2001 Oil
image Suspension in Santorini, Greece 2001 Oil
image Mykonos, Greece 2002 Oil
image Areopolis, Greece 2003 Watercolor
image Sintra, Portugal 1986 Watercolor
image Cascais, Portugal 1987 Watercolor
image Church Obidos, Portugal 1987 Watercolor
image Castle Obidos, Spain 1987 Watercolor
image Dirt Road, Spain 1986 Watercolor
image Extremadura, Spain 1986 Watercolor
image Segovia, Spain 1986 Watercolor
image Caceres, Spain 2002 Oil