Charles Furr | Italy

Charles Key Furr (1928-2014) born in Amarillo, Texas. Soon after graduating high school Charles Furr packed a knapsack and his bike and with a handful of other young adventurers left his hometown to tour Europe. Charles was taken by the experience abroad. Italy especially made a lasting impression. His early fascination with Italy became a reality when Charles pursued a year’s residency at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Florence in 1961. Captivated by an Italian aesthetic, Charles relocated in 1965 to Florence where he intensively studied the Italian Renaissance at the Harvard Berenson Library, I Tatti. His researches led to further investigation at numerous other libraries, churches, museums and galleries that surrounded Tuscany and in Rome. Throughout his career, Charles would continue to revisit Italy. In this portfolio, we see his prolific production of pieces both created in Itlay and inspired by Italy, ranging from watercolors, ink drawings, etchings, and oils.

image Venice La Salute 1961 Watercolor/Ink
image Venus 1962
image San Giminiano 1962
image Roman Victory 1962
image Broken Altars 1962 Etching
image Archaic Head 1963
image Roman Ruin Basilica 1966 Conte Crayon/Watercolor
image Vestal Virgin 2 1966 Watercolor/Sumi Ink
image Casa Colonica Mugello 1967 Watercolor Guache
image Pompeii 1968
image Countryside Fiesole 1968 Watercolor
image Tivoli Gardens 1972 Pencil
image Villa Schifanoia 1973 Oil
image Pietra Buona 1974 Pencil/Sumi Ink
image Villa Impruneta 1975 Watercolor
image Gubbio 1975
image Olivos 1981 Oil
image Roman Head 1982 Acrylic
image Montefallo 2002 Oil
image Palazzo in Perugia 2003 Watercolor
image Casa Colonica 2003
image Stucco Wall 2003 Watercolor
image Umbrian Hill 2003 Oil
image Rain Clouds Umbria 2004 Oil
image Villa in Todi 2004
image Olive Tree 2008 Oil
image Lake Garda 2008 Oil
image Dolomites One 2010
image Dolomites Three 2010 Oil
image Dolomites Seven 2010 Oil