Clark Tippet’s Scrapbook

Clark Tippet (1954-1992) performed widely in the American Ballet Theatre as well as in some of the most well-know venues for ballet in the US. He also collaborated with some of the most prominent dancers and choreographers of his time. Here is Clark Tippet's personal "scrapbook" - his private collection of articles, reviews, photos and related press coverage on his performances, collaborations, choreography and productions.

document Boston Globe Review on "Enough Said" 1987
document Composer George Perle and Clark Tippet "Enough Said" 1987
document Chicago Tribune review for Enough Said Feb. 6, 1987
document Richard Christiansen's review of Enough Said 1987
document "The Dancer from the Dance" review from New York Native June 8, 1987
document Scenes from 'Enough Said' Feb. 24, 1993
document Rehearsing 'Enough Said' 1987
document Reviews for 'Enough Said' 1987
document New York International Festival of the Arts 1988
document American Ballet Theatre 1977-1988
document Dance Program for Tudor & Tetley Ballets 1978
document Clark Tippet and Martine van Hamel in Twyla Tharp's Bach Partita 1984
document Clark Tippet dancing in 'Murder' and Requiem' 1986
document Rehearsing for David Parson's 'Walk This Way' 1986
document Reviews of 'Bruch' and 'Barbershop' 1988
document Reviews for 'S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.' 1988
document More Reviews for 'S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.' 1988
document Rehearsing 'Enough Said' 1987
document Reviews for 'Enough Said' 1987