Daniel Mincer | Batiks

Daniel Mincer (1953-1981) was a versatile artist whose representational art was built on his love of painting and drawing. These batiks used color to create a feeling of depth and treated the cloth as a painter would treat canvas. He combined rich textures and designs and experimented with subtle variations and brilliant color. While many people think of batiks as decorative, Daniel’s batiks are strong works of art. He wrote: “My interest in batik began simply as enjoyment of the process and the materials. As I’ve developed my painting, I’ve begun to apply what I’ve learned to batik, particularly in working towards a stronger composition.” Daniel's batiks were derived from imagination, life and photographs.

image African Woman Nursing 1970s
image Cooking Mongongo Nuts 1970s
image Matisse with Model 1970s
image Nude with Three Plants 1970s
image Polish Musicians #1 1970s
image Polish Musicians #2 1970s
image Rabbi 1970s
image Daniel, Mother and Grandma Sarah 1970s
image Tom Meditating 1970s
image Daniel with Sisters 1970s
image Daniel and Sister 1970s
image Graduation Day 1970s
image Marriage Mandala 1970s
image Insect 1970s
image Lion 1970s
image Guitarist and Dancer 1970s
image Flutist 1970s
image Face with Star 1970s
image Jumping Fish at Sunset 1970s
image Nudes Posing 1970s
image Celestial View 1970s
image Abstract 1970s
image Three Women 1970s
image Three Lilies 1970s