Daryl Rosen

Daryl Ann Rosen (1951-1973) lived an artful life and an art-filled life. An artist from early in her life, she studied art from junior high school years,. She would work at some of the most prestigious and eclectic institutes in the world, including Florence, London, New York and Boston. From these, she created a body of work that shows the continuing refinement of her eye and the skill and delicacy of her hand. In her short 22 years, she created drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects from metal, found materials and mixed media. Only a few have survived, and POBA is honored to be able to display some that remain.

image Poppies 4
image Sea Mists
image Studio View
image Mirage
image Seated Nude
image Lautrec
image Balancing Act
image Breakfast Mix
image Blue Vase
image Red Boat
image Seated Nude Close Up
image Pigeons
image Red Coils
image French Flower Girl
image Poppies
image Flowers in a Red Vase
image Jerome the Butcher
image Flower For You