David Prifti

David Prifti (1961-2011), a dedicated and inspirational artist and photography teacher for more than twenty-five years, created a body of works that show who he was as a person and artist, and how he rendered his subjects with a tender eye and patient method. In his life, as in his art, David was endlessly energetic and unwaveringly curious. He relished personal connection. He was extraordinarily perceptive and creative. He combined these personal traits with an uncanny skill to create two distinct bodies of work - Photographic Assemblages and Tintypes.

His photographic assemblages came from his desire to explore his life through the deeply personal things that shaped him: relationships, memories, sense of family, rites of passage, aging and death. His tintypes arose in 2005, after he first studied a 19th century technique known as "wet plate collodion" photography. Both bulky and labor-intensive, this method dates back to the 1850’s and requires patience from both the sitter and the photographer, but the nearly grainless photos that result are translucent, richly toned, and deeply dimensional in content and in imagery. David found himself completely drawn into the process, and now his works draw us in as well.

image Ishonni Leaning 2008
image Sadiki & Alice 2008
image Heather Arms Crossed 2008
image Skulls 2009
image Shawna 2008
image Hannah Repose 2009
image Empty Name 2009
image Dominique 2008
image Dad 2008
image Aaron #2 2008
image Amanda 1996
image George & Jim 1998
image Nena on Shag Linoleum 1995
image Michael & Me 1996
image The Source 1996
image Trophy 1995
image Shard 1996
image Linked 1996
image Shroud 1996
image Kin 1995
image Married 1996
image Harvest 1998
image Monika 1998
image Incarnate 1996