David Shainberg | A Life with Color

David Shainberg (1934-1993) began painting in the late 1970s, and committed to it full-time after retiring from his career as a psychoanalyst in 1981. Working with oil, gouache, and acrylic, Shainberg's abstract expressionist landscapes, figures, houses, and roads capture his vibrant vision and use of color. This second portfolio of David’s works coincides with an exhibition of his works at PAAM, one of POBA’s partners, in the summer and Fall of 2016. Here, we display the nearly 30 paintings on exhibition at PAAM from August 26, to November 3, 2016. We encourage all who can make it to Provincetown, MA to see these works in person - they are even more remarkable in full scale and on actual canvas.

image Last Ride 1987
image Now 1987
image Untitled, Lung Series I 1992
image Triumphant Spring Year Unknown
image Not Morocco II Year Unknown
image Untitled, Lung Series II 1992
image Sonambulism 1987
image Untitled, Door Series I Year Unknown
image Untitled, Lung Series III 1992
image What If It Happened 1989
image Untitled, Door Series II Year Unknown
image (Maybe) Big Rock Candy Mountain 1987
image Dance 1988
image Untitled, Door Series III Year Unknown
image Fresh 1987
image Soluble Meditation 1989
image Untitled Fuschia Door Year Unknown
image Constraint 1989
image Leeway 1989
image Lucky Draw 1990
image A Meeting Place 1988
image Enigma of Place 1987
image Luck of the Draw 1985
image Looking Into 1989
image Surprise II 1984
image Lack Lustre Blues 1993
image Red Love 1989