Edwin HK Chau | East Meets West | Street Scenes

Edwin H.K. Chau (1929-1988) brought East and West together in his paintings to create beautiful images that blend contemporary/traditional subject matter and east/west vision and methods. Born and trained as an artist in Hong Kong, he would become a successful, full-time artist and art teacher in the Toronto area. Here we see his remarkable oil and watercolor scenes of rural and urban life in historic Hong Kong and contemporary North America.

image Farmers Fields Unknown
image Hong Kong Fruit Stands 1963
image Orange Foliage in the Snow Unknown
image Caleches- Quebec City 1975
image Fishing Boats 1957
image Log Cabin in the Fall Unknown
image Rocky Shores Unknown
image Sampan out from the Village 1962
image Old Junk Dry Docked Unknown
image Snowy Night, Street Scene Unknown
image Red Barn and Willow Unknown
image Washer Woman on Riverbank Unknown
image Stone Cottage 1952
image Hong Kong Streetmarket 1971
image Alley by the Red House Unknown