Friedolin Kessler | Bodies

Friedolin Kessler (1913-1995) shows an unusual variety of both subject matter and treatments. While noted for his linoleum cuts he created in the early years of his career, especially his "Mission" series and the CCC Camp Art, he was also accomplished in drawing, painting, photography, and woodworking, including wood turning and jewelry-making using wood and other media. As a young adult he moved from Missouri to California, spending the rest of his years there devoted fully to his life in the arts. He remained prolific and notable throughout his life for his oil and acrylic painting, watercolors, portraits, charcoal works and commercial art. This portfolio shows some of the many ways in which Friedolin captured the human form, of men and women in daily activities, as nudes, and in humorous caricatures.

image Man in Suit Year Unknown
image Man with pole Year Unknown
image Man leaning on table Year Unknown
image Nude Year Unknown
image Nude Year Unknown
image Dancer 1964
image Woman seated Year Unknown
image Woman Standing Year Unknown
image "Speech Maker" 1980's
image Carol's Mother 1940
image "Lady Kissing Bassett Hound" Year Unknown
image "An Old Lady" (Mrs. Seascroft) 1941